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Board Member

Brage W. Johansen has a Master of Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Currently CEO of Heimdal Power AS and Chairman of Space & Energy Innovation network. Main work experience from Renewable, Space, Oil&Gas and Environment industry.


Since 2000 he has had management positions for projects and/or departments. Several board positions in start-up companies, funds and non-profit organisations.


Engineer at heart, but numerous add-ons of philosophy, psychology, management and business. Born north of the Arctic Circle. Head of Norway’s first 24/7 Hydrogen station 2006-2011.


Producer of FYK – Norway’s only environment friendly sportscar. Cofounder of Space & Energy innovation network. Has a ticket for a spaceflight after national contest about “Building on Mars” by AF Group. Special interest in and holds lectures about Astronomy, Vikings and Innovation.

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