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Student Chapter

Mars Institute Student Chapter (MISC) is a student organization for everyone

interested in space exploration at the University of Stavanger in Norway.

MISC is actively engaging students with two main projects:


1) Sending students from the University of Stavanger to NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California. Students apply their theoretical knowledge from the University of Stavanger to participate in contests on given challenges related to the exploration of Mars. The topic of the contests is focused on studying the possibilities of supporting Human colonies on the planet.

2) Building a Mars Rover. Designed by the students at the University of Stavanger, this project is enabling the students to write theses about building and continuously improving a fully functional rover. The rover was born in 2017 and will produce many Bachelor's and Master's theses in the years to come.

Contact us for more information about joining or creating a Mars Institute Student Chapter.

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